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Volume Course

A Volume Lash Extensions course for experienced artists is a specialized training program designed for lash artists who already have experience in classic lash extensions and want to expand their skills to include volume lash extensions. This course is typically more advanced and focuses on techniques for creating volume fans, advanced lash mapping and styling, layering and stacking techniques, troubleshooting and problem-solving, and advanced application methods. The course may also cover topics such as advanced lash health and safety, advanced aftercare and maintenance, and business and marketing strategies for offering volume lash extensions to clients. This course is suitable for experienced lash artists who want to enhance their skills and offer a wider range of lash extension services to their clients.


The instructor will cover the theory behind volume lash extensions, including information on different types of lashes, lash health and safety, lash mapping and styling, and advanced application techniques.

Hands-on Practice

Students will have the opportunity to practice the techniques demonstrated by the instructor. This may involve working on mannequin heads or live models, depending on the training setup.

Advanced Lash Mapping and Styling

Students will learn how to create custom lash maps that suit each client's unique eye shape and desired look. This may involve techniques such as mapping out different lash lengths and directions for a more natural or dramatic effect.

Advanced Aftercare and Maintenance

The instructor will discuss best practices for maintaining and caring for volume lash extensions, including proper cleansing, brushing, and removal techniques. They may also cover potential issues and how to address them.

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