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Classic Course

Our Classic Course of Lash Extension provides comprehensive training and certification in the art of lash extensions. Our classes are taught by talented and experienced professionals who will teach you the fundamentals of lash extensions, from proper application techniques to lash styling. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified in the Classic Course of Lash Extension.

Lash Anatomy

Understand the structure of the natural lash, including its growth cycle and different lash types. This knowledge is essential for proper application and maintaining lash health.

Safety and Hygiene

Learn the importance of maintaining a clean and sterile environment to protect both yourself and your clients. We will teach you proper sanitation practices and how to prevent common lash extension complications.

Product Knowledge

Familiarize yourself with the various types of lash extensions, adhesives, and tools available in the market. Discover which products are best suited for different client needs and preferences.

Application Techniques

Master the art of classic lash extensions application. From lash mapping to isolating and attaching individual extensions, our instructors will teach you the most effective and efficient techniques for flawless results.

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